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James Kies

Wabato, Inc. pushes the RISK Agile Framework to market

2020 pre-COVID19 was all-in for the teams at Wabato, Inc.
On the back of 4 really fantastic years and some great test-market response to our flag-ship book "Organizing Humans" and the RISK Agile Framework it felt like years past time to launch.
It isn't perfect, and we have a long journey ahead to stay current and relevant. But what you hold in your hands is the most relevant and up to date version of Agile frameworks to date.
The RISK Agile Framework borrows heavily from legacy systems such as Scrum and works hard to undo the damage done by programs such as Safe.
With over a decade of helping full organization transformations it became clear that what made the difference were the things the framework's were not talking about.
Worse what the framework's were talking about only represented suggested "endings" to journy's companies might embark upon, but did little to help with day one, day 30, day 100.
Where these older approaches to teaching, adopting and transforming businesses from pain to agile-success seemed to either stop in the early 2000's to spend the next 20 years repeting themselves, or went further back to simply rewrap tried and never-worked waterfall. The RISK Agile Framework is different. We have continued to track along with advancements in technology, specifically the patterns and practices coming out of Enterprise software development shops to as aggressively adopt and apply not just the Object Oriented or OO concepts introduced by scrum, but to continue to incorporate functional, aspect-oriented, reactive, bdd, BizFinDevSecOps and today we look a great deal like cloud-native micro-team organization archtiectures.
The old models were beating around the bush in telling the world that Conways Law will not be defeated. You must re-architect the monolith that is your organization heirarchy chart into something modern and stop having org-sphagetti.
Our team is comprised of Lean, Agile, Scrum, XP, Kanban, Servant Leadership Coaching and Training experts that have worked with the greats and the famous only to come away gently dissapointed. We are additionally, for the most part, a shop of enterprise software developers and IT trainers.








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Meet James

James Kies

I may no longer be the best programmer at the RISK Agile Framework. However my passions and experiences drive and guide the the RISK Agile Framework team. We are the travelers that have been to oh so many of your villages. We can share what others are doing, have done, and wish to never do again to help your village experience greater propserity, that is our secret sauce, and Coffee.

The New Agile Framework for Startups and Growth Oriented Companies

We've built a decentralized agile operational framework that solves for the hardest to fit challenges of older frameworks such as scrum, safe, waterfall, matrix, and freestyle.

Stop talking theory and start walking towards success.

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